Who prepared the program?

Experts with relevant educational background and over 15 years of work experiences.

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Marthen Welly

Marthen is the Marine Protected Area Learning Sites Manager for the Coral Triangle Center. He has more than 17 years of experience in marine conservation and the establishment and management of marine protected areas. He was most recently employed with The Nature Conservancy (TNC), establishing the Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area. Working with TNC Indonesia since 2002, he has also served as the NGO Liaison Program Officer for the Marine Program, the Outreach Program Officer, and as a Communication and Outreach Specialist. Prior to joining TNC, he worked at the Environmental Education Center (PPLH) Bali as the Marine Division Coordinator. In 2000, he was the National Coordinator for Jaring Pela – an Indonesian network of 127 NGOs focused on coastal and marine issues. Marthen Welly is co-founder for Yayasan Bahtera Nusantara in Bali, on the Board of Advisors for Yayasan Taka in Karimunjawa-Semarang, and member of the Instructor Council for Association Diving School (ADS) Indonesia. He obtained a BS from the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science of the Bogor Institute of Agriculture (IPB)

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Ni Putu Widyastuti (PW)

PW has been involved in the fields of media and environment for over 15 years, and since the last two years, she has been working on marrying the two fields with peacebuilding. PW obtained her MAs from the United Nations-mandated University for Peace, Costa Rica and Ateneo de Manila University, the Philippine, in Environmental, Security and Governance with specialization in Climate Change Security and Political Science major in Global Politics, respectively, both under Asian Peacebuilders Scholarship, and her BA from Bangalore University, India, in Political Science, Economics, and Journalism. Media companies she worked for among others, Los Angeles Times, Channel 7 Australia, the Daily Telegraph, and BBC Channel 4. She created guidelines for climate-proofed community-based ecotourism in San Vicente with Palawan Council for Sustainable Development of the Philippines, which is used as guidance for their Ecotourism Year 2015 and compiled lessons-learned from marine protected area establishment and development in Karangasem Regency with Conservation International Indonesia. PW served as Indonesia-Japan peace ambassador 2015 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. She is the founder of Krishnalila Foundation and Chief of the African Asian Women Network.

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Erdi Lazuardi

Erdi has 15 years of marine conservation experiences. He earned his bachelor degree in Marine Science from Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Indonesia and concluded his Master’s of Development Practice Program (MDP) from James Cook University, Australia. He started his career by volunteering for coral reef conservation in various organizations, which later earned him a position as Reef Check Officer in WWF Wallacea Bioregion Program, Bali Office and then he was involved in developing an independent Reef Check Indonesia Network. In 2005 he moved to Raja Ampat to work for Conservation International Indonesia as Science and Monitoring Coordinator to develop locally reef-monitoring team within Raja Ampat MPAs Network and establish a research station in the islands. Erdi enjoys leading workshops and trainings, including providing constructive feedback to participants (government, coastal communities, private sectors). He is experienced in coordinating biological, ecological and socioeconomics field surveys, including supervising large groups, and working with the team and outside normal office environment such as field station, stay in board, and stay around community in small islands. In his spare time, he likes playing musical instruments such as guitar, harmonica, organ and drum. Erdi previously is the Science Coordinator at Coral Triangle Center – an NGO that involved in pursuing the effectiveness management of marine protected areas (MPAs) within the Coral Triangle Countries, and now he is the Project Leader for Lesser Sunda at WWF Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara.

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